14th January 2019

As 2019 starts, it’s time to get your affairs in order!

Happy New Year! The crackers have been pulled, decorations taken down and we’re all looking forward to a new year ahead after hopefully lots of lovely Christmas celebrations! Sometimes, especially if you have a busy life (everyone seems to these days!) Christmas is a time to take stock. We spend time with family we don’t always see and we are…
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14th June 2018

How to help your family – is it possible to do probate before you die?

Clients often worry that their families may be left with a lot of paperwork when they die. They worry about the perceived burden that the job of Executor may involve. The Executor is the person who deals with the administration of someone’s estate when they die. It can be a big job. It is certainly important that the person you…
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Lasting Power of AttorneyNews
15th March 2018

Lasting Powers of Attorney – when should I prepare one?

At Illuminate Legal, Rebecca is receiving an increasing number of enquiries regarding Lasting Powers of Attorney. These are documents that enable us to officially appoint someone to look after our personal affairs if we become mentally (or physically) incapable of managing them for ourselves. Often, people worry who will help them with their finances if their spouse dies. Many marriages…
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13th November 2017

Gearing up for Christmas…..thinking of those closest to us…

Now that the nights have drawn in and our thoughts are firmly heading towards Christmas and the festive period, many of us are lucky enough to have close family or friends that we are looking forward to sharing this special time with.  It’s those very people that we need to consider when preparing our Wills. This is the same whether…
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18th September 2017

September – getting back in to it!

So, we are now mid-way through September and a different type of new year has started; lots of people are getting round to their ‘to do’ lists after their busy school holidays! It can often be a more productive time than the traditional January new year for resolutions. At Illuminate Legal we have that ‘back to school’ feeling and Rebecca…
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31st May 2017

Bumper Illuminate Legal Update! Here comes the sun!

Rebecca at Illuminate Legal is, like many of us, looking forward to a lovely summer ahead! That said, she has been really busy in the last few months with clients tying up loose ends and signing up documents before those clients embark on a carefree summer, made all the more carefree with the knowledge that finally this year, they got…
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17th March 2017

Good news for homeowners! What is the new residence nil rate band? Will it affect me?

One of the key considerations for clients is the likely inheritance tax on their estates in the event of their death. It’s good news for homeowners next month as a new piece of legislation comes in to force as of April 2017 that allows for a significant inheritance tax saving when the main residence is left to clients’ direct descendants…
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28th February 2017

Unmarried partners – is there such a thing as a common law marriage?

It is common place for people to live together these days before they marry; sometimes they choose to purchase a property during this time. Many also have children prior to marriage; approximately 50% of children in 2017 are born to unmarried mothers.* However, when doing all of these ‘grown up’ things, some people are under the misapprehension that the law…
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28th January 2017

January has been a busy month for Illuminate Legal!

At Illuminate Legal, we are proud to be going from strength to strength as 2017 gets well under way! Rebecca Reid, specialist private client solicitor, has been very busy helping clients near and far (we are thrilled to have helped a growing number of international clients in recent weeks) with their Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Probate requirements. Rebecca…
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3rd January 2017

The new year is the perfect time to get your affairs in order….

Happy New Year! 2017 has started! It’s a perfect time to get your personal affairs in order and get cracking on those well-meaning resolutions for the year ahead! Rebecca Reid at Illuminate Legal in Odiham is here to help you on the right track. A few pointers to get you started when reviewing your personal matters should assist:- Diarise a…
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